Achim is a non-profit organization located in Baltimore, Maryland dedicated to helping families of the Russian speaking Jewish community connect with their Jewish heritage and traditions.

Achim was founded in 1989 by Rabbi Paysach Diskind on the occasion of the United States graciously opening their doors to invite this population to resettle here. For 70 years the Communist regime of the Soviet Union starved their Jewish community from their connection to their heritage and now they have become a tremendous asset to our local Baltimore Jewish community.

Achim is Hebrew for brothers or siblings. We call ourselves Achim because the driving force of Achim is the understanding that all Jews are siblings to one another. We are brothers and sisters, all children of the same Father who have an inherent responsibility to one another.

Kehillas Achim is The Congregation of Russian speaking Jews of greater Baltimore. We have an assortment of delectable classes and programs available to every member of the Jewish community. All are designed to make the beauty of Judaism accessible to all who wish to taste it. 

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PHONE: 443-286-9338