Middos (Character Building)

‚ÄčAs Jewish holidays come around, these exciting lessons do abound! What are the stories behind our our holidays? How do we celebrate them? And how can we make our holidays more meaningful? Our students can proudly answer these questions for each Jewish holiday that is taught. The children enjoy holiday crafts, school-wide activities and carnivals, and lots of song as part of their Jewish Holiday lessons.

The children learn valuable lessons, such as the importance of honesty, honoring parents, and kindness and thouigthfulness towards others. Torah Story time is taught with lessons coming alive through projects, painting, coloring pages, worksheets, and games.

Hebrew Reading

The curriculum in Sheves Achim is exciting and engaging so the children look forward to Hebrew School each week! No boring lessons with homework and assignments over here. With enthusiasm and enjoyment of satisfying lessons, our students take part in a rewarding experience. Activities such as projects, games, performances, and trips make learning come alive! Below are the main units that are taught:

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Jewish Holidays

Torah Stories

Character building by developing personal qualities such as patience and thoughtfulness is a very Jewish concept. At Sheves Achim we focus on Middos both by example and by formally introducing it in the classroom. With role playing, stories, drawing, poems, and more, our Middos lessons leave a lasting impact on our students.

Our preschool class learns Hebrew letter recognition in a multi-sensory manner. Letters are taught using song, scrapbooking, play dough, and games galore!

The elementary age classes take part in the highly acclaimed Aleph Champ method of Hebrew Reading. Aleph Champ is an innovative and exciting approach to learn Hebrew Reading. This method is taken from the karate system and provides motivation to advance in colored levels beginning with Level White towards more challenging levels, culminating in Level Black.

Entering into our Aleph Champ Room, the excitement builds as the students are greeted by an array of rainbow colored tables. With medallions, incentives, and celebrations, learning to read is sure fun!