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In addition to our Sunday program we will be adding an additional session this school year.  It will be offered to elementary school students, to meet on a weekday after school hours.  More details will follow about this exciting program.




Dear Visitor,
We welcome your child to a fantastic year of learning
at Sheves Achim Hebrew School! 

Our program consists of Sunday morning sessions serving all children from age 4 through age 11. 

It is important that every student complete the registration form and the release form before the start
of school. In the event that the parents are separated or divorced we will need a release from each parent. 

The tuition fee for the year is $600 per child. There is an additional charge of $75 per child for the year
to help defray our cost of books and materials.  If you have any questions regarding tuition payment,
please contact Rabbi Diskind at

The $675 fee can be paid
online or by check.  If you are paying by check, you can bring the check to school
on the first day or mail to:
Sheves Achim Hebrew School
3702 Fords Lane
Baltimore, MD 21215

 Once your child is registered, you will receive the parent handbook.  We look forward to greeting you and your child
for an  amazing year at Sheves Achim Hebrew School!

 Rabbi Paysach Diskind, Administrator                    Yehudis Feldstein, Educational Director
 443-286-9338                                                           516-672-8611