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Sheves Achim goes on three annual trips. Our first trip is to a Senior Center in our community. To bring the lesson of kindness into the lives of our students, we visit a Senior Center to cheer up the residents with kind words, songs, and cards!

We are privileged to visit a Model Matzah Bakery before Passover to learn firsthand how to bake matzah. This exciting trip begins with a yummy lunch of pizza in a pizza shop!

Our school visits a local synagogue around the time of the holiday of Shavuos when we celebrate the Giving of the Torah to the Jewish Nation. The children learn a bit of the service that takes place in the synagogue and they have the opportunity to look at Torah Scrolls and sometimes even get to read from a Torah!

​School Trips

Can you believe that our school goes on a trip to Israel - flies there and back and tours the whole country in about an hour and a half?! Well, believe it or not we have learned how to accomplish this incredible feat with our imaginative trip to Israel to explore our homeland, taste Israeli exotic foods, and connect with the Holy Land!

"Israel Trip"

​​Sheves Achim students enjoy school wide carnivals for the holidays of Chanuka and Purim! With creative and fun games and prizes, the children have a great time and review relevant concepts.


A special Derech Eretz (Good manners) program was initiated for the 2014-15 school year. Derech Eretz Dollars are given to students for exhibiting good manners! Some examples of when a child may earn a Derech Eretz Dollar are when he/she is helpful, speaks with nice language, follows directions, or acts kindly to fellow students. The students go shopping with these dollars at the Derech Eretz Chanut (store) to buy amazing prizes!

In addition, every class will get a chance to put on a performance for the whole school, demonstrating one good quality! In reward, the performing class earns an ice cream party with a special added flavor of their class's themed name! Our classes are named Kitah (Class) Blueberry, Kitah Cherry, Kitah Mint, and Kitah Banana because, "I(ce) Cream Sunday Students are the Best!"

The ​Derech Eretz Program